We are changing the game

of how we buy goods and services!

BidPull.com provides buyers a tool that will save them time, effort and money. Also we guarantee each transaction is completed smoothly by securing the funds with our trusted partner Escrow.com

soft launching BidPull.com May 1, 2022


A platform where we flip the game over!

Instead of Push Selling model, we offer a unique brand new model we like to call Bid Pulling (users create a contract with their demand, providing exact specifications of what they need and then the suppliers give their Bid on that contract, again providing exact specifications of what they offer).

This eliminates the buyer’s cost, time and efforts and instead of multiple back and forward’s with each supplier, they just create a demand and wait for various bids to come in and compare in order to chose not always the cheapest, but the best offer available. The suppliers that need the job more will give the best bid they can so buyers get the best offers they would after completing a long and draining market research but instead, a fraction of time and effort.

Project 2018


Remindit App is a tool that tracks your devices GPS and alerts you when leaving an area that you spent time in, in order to remind you of all your personal belongings.